FRP Products In Landscaping


In the landscaping, we can find the fiberglass trash, planter, animal and other toys. These primary fiberglass products are manufactured by pultrusion or hand lay-up process. The material consists of binding resin and carpet, cloth, mechanical properties and other technical parameters than other materials are different, but not landscape products, only can be divided into the landscape in the attachment, the limitations of the contrast in the actual landscape effect.How to integrate organic or independent landscape, become a beautiful scenery line, relying on ordinary fiberglass base material that is clearly not enough, need to composite FRP materials and other materials, can fundamentally solve the problems of landscape materials as fiberglass defects.

The basic characteristics of FRP composite
FRP is a new material in foreign developed at the beginning of the twentieth century, it has a lightweight, high strength, anti-corrosion, insulation, easy molding, easy coloring, long service life, etc.. Its density is 1.5 ~ 2.0g/cm3, 3 ~ 4 times lighter than steel, rather than the intensity is 1.7 times higher than steel, mechanical properties and good physical properties.
FRP in landscaping
It’s usually divided into hard landscape material and soft landscape materials. Hard landscape material is subdivided into ornaments materials, road material, stone material, pavement materials, waterscape materials; soft landscape materials mainly for plant material, divided into climbing, is colorful, herbaceous perennial ornamental plants and trees.
Hard landscape material basis for a single molecular structure and other types of materials are a combination of simple superposition is only part of a material. FRP composite materials and hard landscape materials are fundamentally different.
FRP material layer of structure
FRP composite material with a high color landscape surface layer, strength layer, support layer, strength layer compounded contains advanced high strength materials, high-performance polymer, metal frame material and other materials.
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