Polyurethane Resin For Pultrusion


Polyurethane resin for pultrusion including one component polyurethane, two-component polyurethane thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane. For the polyurethane resin, whether it is thermosetting or thermoplastic resin, they have excellent static mechanical properties and impact resistance performance.

In the molding material, due to the better impact properties and lateral performance of polyurethane, we can use glass fiber rovings to replace glass fiber mat. Some traditional profile pultrusion process requires the use of up to four or five different mats, the mat must be cut narrow after molding and forming the polyurethane window without a mat can reduce the cost of raw materials and labor costs. The roving substitution mat, fiber volume fraction can be increased to 80%, increase the content of glass fiber can improve the polyurethane pultruded profiles strength and stiffness. Higher product performance can develop some new applications, such as in construction, infrastructure and transport market with polyester resin can’t achieve the substituting steel and the use of aluminum. Polyurethane pultrusion can be economically achieved, without the need for a big investment. The original pultrusion system was changed into polyurethane pultrusion is relatively simple, you can use the original mold, a heater and a machine. It felt easy to break into pieces, blocking equipment, impact on production. In many cases, pultrusion process without a mat can improve the production speed, increase product cost and benefit. While most nonfiber volume content of polyurethane pultruded products only 60%.

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