FRP Profiles Defects and Reason 1


There is obvious parting line, parting line wear reason: FRP pultrusion mould size accuracy is insufficient, the clamping module positioning deviation, so there are white lines when jointing mould parts. Measures: repair glass steel pull extrusion die, open the mold assembly, stop a moment and then restart.

The surface of the fiber is exposed, fiber pilling, reason: the defects generally occur in fiberglass reinforced pultruded rods or bars, the possible reason is fiber content is too high or the cavity wall stick resin debris. Measures: reduce the fiber content, and re start after suspension.

No aging resistance, easy to fade: not add light stabilizer and heat stabilizer, poor color fastness to light. Measures: adding anti-aging agent, selection of high quality color paste.

The reason of poor insulation: resin, fiber insulation is poor, poor interface bonding performance. Measures: improving the selection of raw materials, using coupling agent to enhance the interface performance.

Strength is not high enough, reason: the mechanical properties of the raw materials is low, curing degree is not enough. Measures: the selection of high quality raw materials, such as high-Strength fiber, high strength resin, reasonable control process parameters to ensure the degree of curing, curing process.

Too many holes, reason: raw material quality is poor, the temperature control is unreasonable. Measures: choose good quality material, control the temperature not be too high.

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