Fiberglass Pultruded Rods&Round Tubes Application


Unicomposite fiberglass pultruded round tubes and rods can be used in a variety of industries. Common industries are agriculture, outdoor sports game and residential applications.

Agriculture: most garden stakes and trellis material is wood, but it’s easy to be rot after several years, so you have to do maintenance or replace it. Fiberglass solid rods and pultruded round tubes are never rust and rot, so no extra maintenance cost will be paid. The rod and tube can be pultruded to be colorful(green, blue, yellow, red, pink, white, etc at your request) and smooth, which looks very beautiful. Fiberglass pultruded rods and tubes with 3.0~50.0mm diameters can be jointed together by plastic, stainless steel accessories to be a larger stake or trellis which is for larger and higher plants climbing.
Outdoor sports game: general pulltruded profiles application in outdoor game is fiberglass rods with 4.0~12.7mm diameter used as fiberglass tent pole which is jointed by ferrule and anti-shocked cord. Fiberglass tent pole is ideal alternative poles compared with aluminum tent poles. Fiberglass tubes are popular in sports such as pole vault, high jump, etc, which has high requirement on the pole deflection and surface finish, no cracks on the pole.

Residential application: the pultruded tubes and rods residnetial application is very flexible even you can DIY any products you want. For example, fiberglass tubes and rods with 20.0~35.0mm is suitable to be tool handle, logo can be printed on the surface finish. And fiberglass tubes&rods with reflective tape can be used as driveway marker on the road for safty.

Fiberglass Pultruded Rods&Round Tubes Application

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