Fiberglass Hand lay-up Molding Technolgoy Introduction


Different from continuous production of pultrusion and pulwinding or filament winding products, hand lay up process is able to manufacture complicated cross section profiles with small quantity and save cost for customers.

1. hand lay up molding 

Hand lay up molding process is also known as contact molding, it is the earliest use and application of resin based composite materials in the production of the most common form of a molding method. Hand lay ups molding process is to add a curing agent of the resin mixture as the matrix, glass fiber and its fabric as reinforcement material, in the mold coated with mold on the combination of hand, so that they can bond together to achieve fiberglass products. The base resin is usually used in unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, and the reinforcing material is usually made of alkali or alkali glass fiber and its fabric. In the process of hand lay up, the use of mechanical equipment is less, it is suitable for the production of many varieties and small batch products, and is not restricted by the type and shape of the products.

2. molding process

Hand lay up molding process is: firstly, in well cleaned or after surface treatment molding surface of a mold release agent coated, to be fully dried, will add curing agent, initiator, accelerator, pigment paste and other additives and mixing uniform gel coat resin or mixture, brushing the molding mold surface, then in the upper berth put cut glass cloth (felt) reinforced materials, and pay attention to the resin soak and remove air bubbles. Repeat the above operation, until the design thickness is reached, and then the curing mold is carried out.

3. forming equipment

As we all know, pultrusion process requires long pultrusion line. Hand lay up molding process requires less equipment, equipment includes woodworking lathe, woodworking planer, woodworking circular saw. When doing releasing moulding, we will generally use air compressor and lifting equipment.

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