Fiberglass Plant Supports


Fiberglass Plant Supports, also named Fiberglass Stakes or Fiberglass Trellis, is one of feature products of our company. It diameter can be from 3mm to 20mm. It already is widely used in green industry in North America and Europe, for example in vineyard orchard,winery, brewery, viticulture,plantation,nursery, horticulture, greenhouse, farm, aquaculture, lawn&garden and landscaping etc. We have fiberglass stakes in stock. It can be normal end or sharp end.

Besides as fiberglass plant support, fiberglass rods can be also applied for tools handles, mostly gardening tools, for example rakes, shovels, rakes, hoes, scissors, hammers etc. Some diamond tools also require fiberglass rod as handles.

Fiberglass rods is suitable for making tent, mosquito nets, bags, handbags, X exhibition frames, windmills, golf (ball bags, flagpoles, practice rods, practice nets), spray rods, tripod rods, toy frames, flying saucer skeleton, diabolo handles, kites, golf clubs etc. To decrease the weight, carbon rods is applied too sometimes.

Pultrusion Rod (Diameter ranging from 2mm to 30mm), this series of products are suitable for making umbrella bone, kite skeleton, PCB equipment, aero modelling aircraft, support blanket, beach mat, rotating shaft, axle core, curtain pole, toys, bags, flying butterfly, flag pole (table flag, flag, hand-rocking flag, knife-shaped flag), chimney pole, game blanket fiberglass support frame, curtain rotation/poker, etc.

You should realize that fiberglass rods is so universally used. Any interest,welcome to contact us.

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