Fiberglass Sheet Tensile Strength


Unicomposite is able to offer different types of fiberglass sheets, it includes fiberglass pultruded sheet, handlay-up sheet, honeycomb sheet, etc. We know that one important application of sheet is house roof, today we’ll talk about whether the tensile strength of fiberglass sheet can be suitable to be roof.

The tensile strength of the fiberglass shett will determine the degree of they are resistant of wind. Generally speaking, fiberglass sheet for lighting tile of the tensile strength is about 60MPa, and purlin spacing is between 1.0 and 1.5 meters, regardless of the FRP sheet thickness is 1.2 or 1.5 mm wall thickness, the wind pressure can reach to be 1KPa. Generally, the tensile strength of our company is big enough to bear the wind pressure.

2. For the professional fiberglass sheet/lighting tile manufacturers and construction builders, the main performance index of a really good quality fiberglass sheet is light transmittance of retention and its resistance to ultraviolet radiation. When the tensile strength as long as the 60MPa above will be safe.

All fiberglass pultruded sheets can be customized at your request

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