FRP Technoloy Development Status


FRP technology development in China is very fast in the recent years, but there are some problems during production and profiles. For example,  enhanced glass fiber can’t be cut fully, and sometimes the mat and roving can’t be saturated with resin. As we all konwn, the price of fiberglass pultruded profiles in China is not expensive compared with other countries, but we still need to improve the product quality to enlarge the share market.

The main technology difference:

  1. Glass fiber surface treatment technology .Glass fiber surface treatment technology problem will lead to many varieties of fiberglass pultruded profiles problem, such as glass fiber roving for oil transportation, these materials still need to be imported from abroad.
  2. the chopped raw glass fiber, its specifications and quality still can not meet the application requirement in special condition.
  3. continuous raw glass fiber in our country can’t meet the domestic and foreign markets requirement.
  4. Therefore, the fiberglass industry in our country still need to do a lot of technical research and development work, especially in terms of technology and product quality. Unicomposite Technology will choose the most suitable raw materials to manufacture high quality products for customers.
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