Function Of Mould Release Agent


In the forming process of the pultrusion production, between the product and mold surface, the adhesive force is very strong. In addition, from the material into the mouth of pultruded mold, with the rising of temperature, resin viscosity decreased, volume expansion, pressure on the wall of the mold gradually formed the increase and accumulation and reached the maximum value in the gel region.

In order to prevent additional loading fiberglass products forming adhesive on the die, a kind of isolation membrane must be applied between the products and the molds (namely demulding agent) to product easily emerged from the mold, to ensure that the product surface quality and die intact.

All substances are surface, surface free energy. Size varies with the material. In general, the metal surface free energy is relatively high. Organic matter is a kind of solid, the liquid will spread and evenly distributed on the surface of the solid on the. The release agent has the extremely low surface energy, thereby uniformly wet mold surface, forming a coating with low surface energy on the surface of the mold, so as to achieve the effect of easy demolding.

Because the pultrusion process production is a continuous process, the demolding effect is the main condition to ensure an excellent pultrusion process smoothly. Release agent to use different external release agents and release agents of. The early pultrusion process is used outside the release agent, commonly used with silicone oil. The use of the mold release agent in the special slot, when the product is traction, will release agent to dip a surface of the fiberglass forming resin, then into the molding die molding and curing, demolding effect to achieve, but the release agent dosage is large and the surface quality of products is not ideal, and now to release agent.

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