Pultruded Profiles In Cooling Tower Project


With the development of national economic construction, industrial water use increased dramatically. The promotion of cooling tower, the realization of industrial and cooling water circulation use, is of great practical significance to water saving, protect the environment and reduce energy consumption, so the domestic demand for cooling tower increases year by year. It has become a kind of important fiberglass products in the FRP industry. Instead of steel, wood and reinforced concrete cooling tower structure with fiberglass gratings has been recognized by the domestic engineering and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. But the fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings in the traditional cooling tower is mainly refers to the cooling tower shell using polyester fiberglass gratings manufacturing, with the advent of pultruded gratings section, the mainframe structure of the cooling tower adopts fiberglass gratings section become possible. Due to squeeze the fiberglass gratings section has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance strong characteristic, therefore particularly suitable for a cooling tower in structural top and the serious corrosion of chemical enterprises. Design of the cooling tower should not only consider the requirements of strength, stiffness, stability but also meet the wind vibration, seismic displacement and structure weight requirements, this is a vector of a multi-objective optimization problem.

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