Fiberglass Windblade and Foam


Windblade is the most basic and important part of the blade type in wind turbine generator. The good design, reliable quality and excellent performance is the decisive factor to ensure the normal and stable operation of the generator unit. General materials used in the production of wind blades are wood, metal, engineering plastics, and fiberglass material, etc.

Firstly, we’ll introduce information on fiberglass windblades. Fiber reinforced plastic glass (GFRP) is an enhanced plastic, which is made of epoxy resin or unsaturated resin, etc. The production process can be pultrusion or hand lay-up. It’s light weight, aging resistance, the surface can be coated with glass fiber and epoxy resin, other hollow parts can be insulated the foam. The role of foam in the fiberglass windblade is to ensure its stability to meet the stiffness increases while chasing after the wind area. From the aspects of mechanical properties and price factors, windblade core materials are PVC (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polyurethane (PUR), acrylonitrile – styrene (SAN), polyether (PEI), PMI, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), etc. PVC foam is the most widely used, but also the first material to be used in the bearing structure core material, and it is also known as cross linking PVC. This foam is a kind of thermosetting foam which is invented by German Lindemann in late 1930s. The PET foam (Airex) is the last few years to start the development of production of foam, it belongs to thermoplastic foam, and the production process is extrusion foaming, but the extrusion width is not too large compared with the PS foam, so the larger foam body with the hot melt adhesive can be shaped after the extrusion. Unicomposite is able to offer customized fiberglass pultruded windblades with foam, please contact us for more details.

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