High Quality Mould Making


In order to produce high quality mould and given the current technical level and quality of domestic manufacture of moulds, now the process to manufacture of moulds are as follows.

First, the conditions of the manufacture of moulds

1. Environmental conditions, Temperature: in the whole process of manufacturing male die and female die should always maintain the same temperature, namely 21 ~ 28 ℃.

Humidity: a great influence on gel and curing of the resin, the ideal humidity range of 40 ~ 60, if relative humidity is more than 65 during manufacture of moulds, should wait to the appropriate production conditions and construction, especially the southern and coastal regions, the humidity is bigger, should be more careful.

2. Clean workshop

In a dirty environment is not produce high quality mould, Yin, male mold manufacturing area should be highly clean, must be higher than the product production standard of maintenance and management, so, at the beginning of in mould manufacturing, should be prepared ahead of dust removing and cleaning in mould manufacturing.

3. Clean compressed air

Clean, dry air supply is another element manufacture high quality mould.

If air duct in the air with a small amount of water or oil, the mould gel surface will appear a lot of pinhole and pitting, therefore have to pay a lot of labor to repair, in this way, the quality of the mould it will have a big impact.

Air compressor to be resettled in a good environment, and equipping it with effective air dryer and oil-water separator.

4. Selection of raw and auxiliary materials

Select high-quality raw materials, is the important condition of manufacturing high quality moulds.

Used in the manufacture of moulds for the total cost of the raw material cost only a small percentage, not trying to save and use the product resin or has a storage period of the materials and inferior materials.

5. Formulate reasonable moulding schedule

Arrange appropriate moulding schedule is one of the factors of manufacturing mold.

Whether the traditional layer method, or choose new low shrinkage system, the demand of time were determined by the chemical properties of the raw and auxiliary materials, tried to cut corners or accelerate the process, will be bad influence on the quality of the mould.

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