Pultrusion Mould Smoothness Affects FRP Products Surface Finish


The finish of glass fiber pultruded reinforced plastic products depends on the smoothness of the pultrusion mold, and the surface treatment technology of the pultrusion mold is as follows.

1, water mill, new mold or the old mold refurbishment, first water sandpaper, when water sandpaper to the high starting point, generally starting from No. 600, some users in order to improve the efficiency, start from below 400, and 400 more thick water sandpaper, for a moment, after knowing coarse paper made of coarse sand mark fine sandpaper no sand grinding is grinding away; No. 600 to 800, 1000, 1200 No., No. 1500 (or even 2000, step by step, a are province can not, but also to Seiko secret agents, willing to make great effort and spend a fine effort, does not allow speculation tricky.

2, polishing – first rough polishing agent amount coated on the surface of the tool, electric polishing machine polishing, polishing, wool wheel flat on the mold surface, start polishing machine for circular spiral running, throwing a piece of the past, do not drain cast, the main workload in the rough polishing, so the general rough polishing at least twice to die smooth so far. After the completion of the rough, put on new wool, and then fine polishing agent, repeat the above operation, the thickness of the polishing agent can not be the same with wool, preferably with a polishing machine.

3, cleaning mold – mold cleaning process is to the pultrusion mold surface polishing agent or residual oil agent and removed so that the subsequent and hole sealing agent and demoulding agent (wax) can be firmly attached on the mold, mold clean water in general rub twice, the first mold clean water with gauze to wipe on the surface of the mold and then wipe dry, then coated with a layer of mold clean water, let them dry sufficiently volatile (about half an hour), and then a clean dry cloth to wipe to light.

4, sealing mode – for the requirements of the medium finish of the fiberglass pultruded products, the general use of 3 polishing agent polishing can be. But the die surface only after being polished, there are still many invisible to the naked eye can not see the micro-hole, so the requirements of high precision glass steel products are concerned must take this micro hole sealing off, so that precision of glass steel products and a grade. The concrete method is to seal the hole agent, use the gauze evenly on the mold surface, let it dry (about 60 to 30 minutes), and then clean the dry cloth to clean the light. If it is a new mold, to seal the hole four times, if it is the old mold renovation, sealing two times.

5, stripping – according to the production of FRP product thickness, choose different release agents. For the casting molding sanitary ware or base, it is about 5mm thickness of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, due to the high heat of the glass fiber reinforced plastic, to choose high-temperature release wax. Concrete coating stripping the wax is best to use gauze the amount of mold release wax wrapped up and pushed through the gauze evenly coated to the mold surface, so that both the uniform and savings, not in the wax mold release a large number of scattered, until dry (30 – 60 minutes), and then handbag clean gauze to wipe or polishing machine thrown to the bright shine on people. 4 to 5 times the new mold release wax, can be used.

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