FRP Pultrusion Equipment Attention Point


When use FRP pultrusion equipment need to be pay attention to the following is FRP pultrusion configuration using carefully points:

  1. Environmental conditions, temperature in the manufacturing of the male die and female die process as a whole should always link the same environmental temperature, namely 21 ~ 28 ℃.Humidity: a great influence on gel and curing of the resin, the ideal humidity category of 40 ~ 60, if relative humidity is higher than 65 during manufacture of moulds, shall be waiting to meet the production conditions of construction again, especially the southern and coastal regions, humidity is bigger than force, should be more careful.
  2. Clean workshop In a lousy environment is not produce high quality FRP pultrusion mould, Yin, male mold manufacturing area should be highly clean, must be higher than the products production maintenance for scale, to is in at the beginning of mould manufacturing, should be prepared ahead of time dust and clean things in mould manufacturing.
  3. Clean compressed atmosphere Clean, dry air is manufacturing high wind-induced FRP pultrusion configuration of another element.If the duct with a small amount of oil or water in the atmosphere, the mold gel appearance will appear a lot of pinhole and pitting, therefore a repair to pay a lot of labor force, in this way, the quality of the mould it will have a big impact.Air compressor necessary decoration in a good environment, atmosphere and equipping it with effective dryer and oil-water evacuation.
  4. The selection of raw and auxiliary materials to choose high quality raw material, is a manufacturer of high wind-induced FRP pultrusion configuration stress conditions.Raw material in the manufacture of the mould cost to deal with assembly originally said that only a small percentage of resin can’t try to save and use of products or have a storage period of the material and inferior material.
  5. Set reasonable die making the decoration schedule appropriate schedule is one of the factors of manufacturing mold.Whether to accept the traditional layer main point, or choose a new low tightening system, the demand of time determined by the chemical property of the raw material, plan to take shortcuts or accelerate the process, will be in the quality of FRP pultrusion mould produce adverse effect.

FRP pultrusion configuration using the process should be carefully put light with light, formed surface can never fight to sharp mold, should refrain from the impact of iron and other hard objects, demoulding should just even when restraint on shape directly, temporary bad luck with good mould should be flat, the above shall not be pressed by weight or pile up sundry, shall be turned over the invasion of harmful medium turbidity, a wing of unused configuration, thanks to its most paste system layer, a layer of glass fiber reinforced plastic cover to cover mould appearance from the damage probably cover on the plastic film to cover, mold can not be piled up in the open court, lest cause degeneration and damage.

FRP pultrusion configuration in use process, because of the release agent and erosion machine solvent in the resin system, burning shuo will gradually decline in appearance, when required by the configuration finish me-it use is need for maintenance, first of all, with acetone or clean membrane water will die, waxing (dirt) to scrub clean the configuration with detergent to wash it again, with another 600 # water sand paper burnish, then press the essentials for polishing, until the return of the original burning shuo degrees.

If damage nervous, still could not reach the surface of products after repair, the requirements such as dimension, the FRP pultrusion configuration can no longer continuous use, can only be scrapped.

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