Why FRP Profiles Are Corrosion Resistance?


Fiberglass pultruded products performance of corrosion resistance is because of it’s raw materials, now we will introduce the main factor——resin.

The resin corrosion resistance performance difference is varied with the resin type differences. To sum up, phenolic resin and polyester resinare not resistant to very strong oxidizing acids, such as nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, chromic acid. Those two types of resins are not alkali resistant. Acid and alkali resistance products with epoxy resin and furan resin. Furan resin acid resistant and alkali resistant ability is bigger than that of the epoxy resin.  

Glass fiber material in pultrusion products are not resistant to hydrofluoric acid corrosion, so its products are not resistant to hydrofluoric acid. We need to choose polyester fiber if there is requirement on hydrofluoric acid resistance.

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