FRP Gratings Property


FRP grating is a kind of panel product which is using glass fiber as reinforcing material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, after special processing compound and a with many of the gaps of the plate material, and it  has superior corrosion resistance, strong resistance, high temperature resistance, bright color, the service life is  up to 50 years. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields. Glass fiber, synthetic resin and the interface are factors that fiberglass gratings  have a great performance.

(1) glass fiber

Glass fiber can improve the strength and elastic modulus of the fiberglass gratings, and it can reduce the shrinkage deformation, improve the heat distortion temperature and impact strength at low temperatures.

(2) resin

Rresin as the matrix of glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings is used to paste the glass fiber into a whole panel. Because the resin is a matrix material, it has an influence on the elastic modulus, heat resistance, electrical insulation, electromagnetic wave resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and so on.

(3) interface

High performance of FRP  gratings are  related to the quality and durability of the interfacial adhesion between fiber and resin. The interface has great influence on the performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating. As is known to all, the glass fiber is a cylindrical glass, surfaces such as glass, smooth, and the surface is often firmly adsorbed with a thin layer of water film, which of course to influencing the glass fiber and resin adhesive properties. Especially glass fiber in the spinning process of wire drawing, in order to achieve cluster, lubrication, eliminate electrostatic purposes, often coated with a layer of infiltration agent and the wetting agent, most is paraffin material, they remain in the surface of the glass fiber, synthetic resin and glass fiber isolation effect, hinder their bonding. Therefore, the glass fiber, synthetic resin and interface rea very important for the impact of the FRP gratings. Because of the interaction of these three elements, it makes the fiberglass gratings have a super strong performance.


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