Update the Fiberglass SMC Moulded Parts


Update the fiberglass SMC moulded parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable support

First, structure and performance

Synthetic resin as binder, made of glass fiber and its products as reinforced material and composite material, known as the glass fiber reinforced plastic.

Because of its high strength, can be compared to steel, so it is also referred to as the glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).

Second, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable support

1. the intensity is high, the maximum bearing weight is 600 kg.

2. long service life: backlight in 50 years, see the light in 25 years.

3. corrosion resistance, especially suitable for in the damp, salt fog, organic solution, gas liquid medium, acid and alkali environment no corrosion, no rust, no mildew decay.

4. good natural edge: insulation resistance is greater than 1000 g Ω;

The surface resistance is not less than 10 g Ω.

5. light weight, high strength, the perfect combination of alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin, products unique characteristics of light weight, high strength, the proportion of products is a quarter of the steel, concrete support around 1/10, construction is simple, easy to transport.

6. ageing resistance, anti-aging products by resin additive, make the product has a lasting anti-aging performance, can keep the lasting luster and high strength.

7. bending strong sex: no creep, in humid environment, high fever, cold, mechanical strength to keep more than 95%, even under long-term load deformation, good mechanical strength to withstand more cables, achieve longer impending distance.

8. avoid eddy: current flows through the cable process can produce a magnetic field, and composite materials of high insulation to avoid magnetic field produce circulation with stents to form a closed loop.

9. environmental security: glass fiber reinforced plastic material non-toxic environmental protection, and there is no recycling value, fundamentally solve the problem of stolen.

Three, model specifications and installation method

Glass fiber reinforced plastic cable bracket is divided into: embedded type cable bracket, modular cable bracket, screw type cable bracket 3 kinds

1. pillar installation: positioning line on the back of the post with mounting holes, aperture Ф 12.5, installed according to construction drawing and post holes position, with the M12 bolts fixed on the wall, the pipe must be shim between bolt and pillar, slotted as far as possible the post against walls.

2. cable, cable to cable bracket installation location.

3. bracket installation: according to the arm layer spacing requirements, the assembly holes of positioning column on both sides of the line has reserved, aperture Ф 8.5;

Use bolt to fix bracket on the groove type column, bolt tightness moderation, must pay attention to the shim between bolt and pillar.

4. cable is in place and is fixed: put the cable on the bracket and good binding, put the heaviest cables on the arm as far as possible when the roots.

5. in cable trench and cable channel of width and the size of the cable type selection specifications.

TDL – 3/300/540 bracket is suitable for the three cables, TDL – 2/200/320 stents apply 2 cable.

If you have special requirements, can be customized according to actual condition.

6. installation to appropriate level, such as fixed cable inclined to adopt other measures.

7. requires balance, vertical and horizontal spacing ipsilateral stents 80 centimeters, double side stand stagger installed, to ensure balanced load.

8. embedded parts shall ensure that the holder base and concrete build by laying bricks or stones wall full occlusion, dense, and fixed remain right Angle metope, ensure the base stress area, to avoid distortion.

Laying cable, appropriate USES top-down laid, dragging cable of horizontal scrolling.

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