How To Calculate The Price and Cost of Fiberglass Molds


Anything must have a price that reflects its value. Many people wonder how the price of fiberglass(FRP) molds is calculated. Here we combine various factors and explain to you:

How To Calculate The Price and Cost of Fiberglass Molds

Fiberglass molds

Empirical calculation method:

Single set price = material fee + design fee + processing fee + labor fee + profit + mold trial fee + packaging and transportation fee + management fee

The ratios are usually:

  • Material cost: materials (formwork, steel) and standard parts account for 15%-30% of the total cost of the mold
  • Processing fee and profit: 30%-50%
  • Design fee: 10%-15% of the total mold cost (usually 6%–10%)
  • Mold trial fee: large and medium molds can be controlled within 3%, and small precision molds can be controlled within 5%
  • Packaging and transportation fee: according to the actual calculation or 3%
  • Management fee: 20%

According to the mold size and material price, the mold material cost can be calculated:

  • Mold price=(6~10)*Material cost
  • Forging die, plastic die = 6 * material cost
  • Die casting mold = 10 * material cost

FRP Mould Quotation Estimate:

  • First of all, it depends on the customer’s requirements, because the requirements determine the selection of materials and the heat treatment process
  • Choose a good material, draw a rough mold plan, and calculate the weight of the mold (calculate the price of the core material and the mold base material) and the cost of heat treatment. (all are the weight of the embryo)
  • Processing cost, according to the complexity of the core, the processing cost is generally 1.5~3:1 with the price of the core material, and the processing cost of the mold base is generally 1:1
  • The risk fee is 10% of the total price above
  • Various management fees (including taxes, utilities, rent, etc.)
  • Design fee is 10% of the total mold price
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