How to Connect Fiberglass Rebar?


Because fiberglass rebar is a composite material product and cannot be welded, friends often ask how to connect fiberglass rebar. Here is a brief introduction for you.

With the increase in urban vehicles, it has brought huge pressure on road traffic. In order to alleviate the traffic pressure, many cities have begun to build subways. During the construction of subways, in order to effectively use shield machines, save energy and improve the efficiency of shield machines, reduce the loss of the shield cutter head, and at the same time improve the construction safety, and use fiberglass rebar in the construction of the underground diaphragm wall.

How to Connect Fiberglass Rebar?

Fiberglass rebar U-shaped buckle

The use of fiberglass rebar to replace the steel rebar in the enclosure structure of the shield end well can not only reduce the accidents of shield tunnel entry and exit, and improve construction efficiency, but also reduce the cost of ground reinforcement of the end well. Compared with ordinary steel rebar, fiberglass rebar have better flexibility and toughness and are not easy to bend. All samples need to be provided for the manufacturer to directly make and shape. The fiber cage and steel cage are connected with U-shaped buckles, the lap length of which is not less than 40d, and no less than 4 buckles are used for each joint.

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