What is fiberglass (FRP) pipe?


What is fiberglass (FRP) pipe?

Divided from the appearance type of the product, fiberglass (FRP) pipe refers to some pipe fitting products with a large diameter. For example, ventilation pipes, waste water pipes, sewage pipes, cable protection pipes, etc. used in exhaust gas treatment systems. There is also a tube fitting product made by the pultrusion process, such as the round tube used in the FRP guardrail. The diameter of this type of product is relatively small, and it is mainly used as an accessory for the platform or guardrail, while the pipe fittings with a large diameter are not suitable for pultrusion craft to make.

What is fiberglass (FRP) pipe?

Fiberglass pipes

The production method of FRP pipe

  • Winding process: The main raw materials used are resin and glass fiber yarn, which belong to semi-automatic production. The work of adding materials and drawing yarn is done manually, and the whole production process is completed with the rotation of the pipe mold.
  • Hand lay-up: Unlike the winding process, the hand lay-up process is all manually operated, and the production speed is much slower. Moreover, the length of the pipe made by hand lay-up is limited, and generally, it needs to be spliced before it can be put into use. The main raw materials used are resin and glass fiber mats or cloth.

Combining these two production methods, when the demand for pipes is relatively large, it is recommended to use the winding process for production, and if the demand is small, you can consider using the hand lay-up process.

Types and applications of FRP pipes

  • Sewage pipe: In chemical production and domestic sewage treatment, a large number of FRP pipes are used. Compared with metal pipes, FRP pipes are light in weight and easy to install and have very good aging resistance.
  • Vanitation pipe: In the waste gas treatment project, a complete set of waste gas treatment systems will use fiberglass centrifugal fans, purification towers, and fiberglass pipes. The reason why these main accessories are made of fiberglass is that the products of the fiberglass series are excellent in anti-corrosion ability.
  • Cable duct: FRP cable protection pipes are often used in industrial production or construction projects, not only because FRP pipes have good electrical insulation properties, but relatively speaking, FRP cable pipes are lighter in weight, wear-resistant, and aging-resistant.
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