Fiberglass Cable Protection Pipes Introduction


Fiberglass(FRP) cable protection pipe is a new type of composite material pipe. It is mainly made of resin as a binder, glass fiber as a reinforcing agent, and quartz sand as auxiliary material, and is manufactured by winding a computer-controlled machine.

What advantages does it have?

FRP cable protection pipes have high strength, high-pressure resistance, are lightweight, easy installation, are safe and reliable, have strong insulation performance, can resist corrosion of various corrosive items, and has a life span of more than 50 years. Because FRP cable protection pipes have various advantages in the industry, it is gradually favored by industry engineers.

Fiberglass Cable Protection Pipes Introduction

Fiberglass cable protection pipes

The FRP cable protection pipes are also highly designable. According to the specific use situation, the specific performance and shape of the wound FRP pipeline can be designed:

  • The wrap angle when wrapped can be designed so that the tube has a different longitudinal/circumferential strength distribution.
  • The tube wall thickness can be designed so that the tube can withstand different internal and external pressures.
  • Materials can be designed to achieve different corrosion resistance purposes, flame retardant purposes, dielectric purposes, etc.
  • The design of the way of the head can be designed to apply to different installation conditions to improve the installation speed of the project. There are many ways of winding FRP pipe joints, mainly including flat end butt (looper), flange connection, socket glue connection (with locking device) o-ring connection, threaded connection, etc.
  • The joint method can be flexibly selected according to the specific construction conditions, thereby improving the reliability of the project.
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