How to Connect FRP Gratings


The fixing of the FRP gratings is inseparable from the fixing of the clips.

There are various installation methods for the installation of the FRP grating according to the engineering design and purpose.

At present, there are four main installation methods: staircase installation, trench installation, floor installation and support beam installation.

The stainless steel clip is a special connection piece for the glass fiber reinforced plastic grating, and its shape is divided into: M type, C type and L type according to the purpose. There is a screw hole in the middle of the clip for screwing, and the installation is very convenient.

How to use these kinds of clips, the following is a detailed introduction:

L type: used for medium load and special positioning connection of bracket.

M type: used for fixation and stability, used for positioning and connection of the grille bracket and the bracket.

C type: used to connect the sides of two grids without brackets.

How to Connect FRP Gratings

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