Identify Genuine and Fake Carbon Fiber Pole


At present the domestic market telescopic fishing rod, divided into glass fiber and carbon fiber fishing rod (hereinafter referred to as fiberglass and carbon fiber pole pole), due to the carbon fiber pole with a light weight, sag, high strength, wear-resistant corrosion resistance, etc., by the majority of anglers alike.

Here are some methods to identify genuine and fake carbon fiber pole:

Carbon fiber is a polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN) or the asphalt drawn into wire, fine carbon fiber after high temperature carbonization made of about 10 microns in diameter, 7 to 8 arranged together as only a rough hair . Pouring carbon fiber with high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion characteristics, and good conductivity. Because carbon fiber can not be too thin as glass fiber that can be woven into cloth criss-cross, only to all longitudinally aligned with the glue on the lining, so the real carbon fiber cloth only longitude not latitude, which is the difference between carbon fiber and fiberglass pole pole important symbol . Sometimes on the carbon fiber pole rod body can see some of the mesh pattern, it is offset by the resin lining up with fiberglass cloth obviously intertwined different.

Carbon fiber and fiberglass pole pole manufacturing process, they are dipped cloth to cut a wide a narrow ladder volumes in the conical steel core, and then a transparent glass with a spiral and tight from start to finish it, and then placed in plastic drying furnace, and then removed from the furnace will be horizontal core exit, remove the glass ribbon pole body, trimmed, polished, pull paint, after assembly Serve rod. Because just soaked cloth soft plastic, and glass with a very tight volume, the rod body into a rugged Le spiral, rather than carbon fiber cloth or glass fiber cloth rolled into a spiral. Some apparently smooth rod, which is used to machine pole protruding body part made of polished and then pull the paint, so do the number of damaged fiber integrity, strength of pole have an impact if the grinding operation workers accidentally, the wall will be worn too thin, then the pole quality is bad. So when you buy or pick a threaded rod as well.

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