The Development Trend Of Pultrusion Technology


Characteristics of pultrusion technology: a simple process, high efficiency, suitable for mass production of high-performance fiber composite materials pultrusion line speed, multiple products can be produced at the same time, to further improve the production efficiency. Secondly. the best use of pultrusion fiber reinforcement. In making the most of the technology of composite materials, fiber is not continuous, which makes a great loss of fiber strength. Even if the continuous filament winding, due to fiber bending, overlapping also makes its strength have a certain loss. For example, the spiral wound, Zhang degree of fiber generally only 75%~85%. In the pultrusion, fiber not only continuous and fully straightening, is to play the ideal form of fiber strength. Three quality fluctuation is small. Pultrusion process a high degree of automation, less process, time is short, the effect of operation technique and environment on the quality of products is very small, so using the same raw materials, pull crowded product quality stability than other technology products to high.

Pultrusion process is currently in development, from the overseas development trend, the production of large size, complex section, thick wall products, focusing on the development of new composite materials: marine, power transmission, civil engineering structural components, and the high-rise building project. At the same time the pultrusion process from the mold cavity “black art” to experiment more scientific means, repeated verification study on the curing kinetics of mold, with the help of various kinds of electronic equipment,resin injection, mold design and optimize quality, increase productivity. With the development of advanced equipment, a process that had previously been consideredunthinkable will continue to emerge.

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