Fiberglass Pultruded Tiles Advantages


Fiberglass pultruded tile is widely used in the bus station. The product development is not very long, but in the performance, safety, price, the actual use of the terms of the fiberglass pultruded tile has obvious advantages. Because of its unique properties has been applied to various fields, fiberglass pultruded tile has replaced the glass and becomes the new part of the bus station. It is a kind of plastic building materials, lightweight compared to its higher security, black fiberglass tile light transmission rate is relatively low, this will block the sun enters to a large extent, in the use of fiberglass tile, also has increased the UV coating. It can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays to avoid harming the masses of the skin, at the same time, pultruded tile is a kind of maintenance building materials so that on the one hand, a great saving of material and financial resources.

Characteristics of fiberglass tiles:

1. acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, the service life is 30 years.

2. anti-impact, anti tensile, fire, small noise, anti-ultraviolet.

3. colorful, bright color, do not fade, does not contain asbestos, is a new kind of environmental material.

4. easy installation, low transportation cost.

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