FRP Rock Bolt Introduction


FRP rock bolt is mainly composed of fiberglass pultruded rod, nylon nut and nylon tray. It is easy to cut, it won’t damage the cutting machine and mining machine. It’s safety, anti-static, fire-retardant, no spark, insulation, corrosion resistant, durable, strong binding force, and the resin anchor agent, concrete with strong, thermal expansion coefficient close to cement.

About the technology of fiberglass pultruded bolt, at present, a large number of PET modified resin are used, and continuous glass fiber reinforcement has high strength, good resistance to corrosion, and they are widely used. The molding process of glass fiber arranged longitudinally to maximize the advantages of glass fiber with high tensile strength and meet the requirement of the tensile strength of the rod body. Torsional reinforcement by dipping glass fiber bundle is wound on the rod body made of a left-handed direction around, distribution, not only can enhance the torsional strength of the rod body, the bolt installation to fully mixing resin anchoring agent, effectively will anchor and drilling hole in coal mine wall cemented together, get larger anchoring force. The pultruded anchor rod body length is set according to the need, it has many advantages of high strength, large anchoring force, lightweight, convenient installation, corrosion resistance, easy to cut, and is suitable for coal mine reinforcement.

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