Vinyl Ester Resin In Pultrusion Process


At present, the development of unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy vinyl ester technology including the most common phthalate resin and isophthalic resin, epoxy vinyl ester resin is very fast. But the major categories of unsaturated resin, the resin used for specific users should be occasions when the choice is not much in the decision. Under normal circumstances, the choice of the phthalate unsaturated resin or isophthalic unsaturated resin used in conventional fiberglass pultrusion production, the selection of vinyl ester resin used in the production, composite materials with high strength requirements or corrosive occasions but, vinyl ester resin costs are relatively high, in some noncorrosion field associated with making the composite material requirement of high mechanical performance, at home and abroad customers can choose epoxy vinyl resin.

Vinyl ester resin (VPR) performance introduction

VPR vinyl polyester resin is a kind of special structure in solution styrene liquid containing unsaturated double bonds in unsaturated polyester resin, VPR vinyl polyester resin has good corrosion resistance, better than isophthalic unsaturated resin, mechanical properties and standard epoxy-vinyl resin considerable, especially the fatigue performance and the dynamic load, in addition, the more common performance; VPR resin, vinyl polyester resin has good weathering performance, at the same time VPR vinyl polyester resin and has good performance and process performance of glass infiltration, suitable for all kinds of FRP forming process, including the filament winding, pultrusion, hand lay-up, injection of various composite material technology.

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