FRP Gratings Production And Applications


Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating is a kind of product with glass fiber as reinforcing material, unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, with a lot of blank sheet material through special processing. Fiberglass gratings can be used as a structural material, used as a corrosion environment of the floor, ditch cover plate, platform, ship deck the path along the cliff, stairs, etc..

Through the fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings interlacing, integrally molded resin casting, fiberglass gratings plate production with many rules of distribution of the rectangle, square space, with two-way isotropic mechanical characteristics. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, electronic paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating,

Fiberglass gratings applications:

The exploration of the sea, sewage treatment and other industries of the working platform, platform equipment, drilling platform, walkway, and is an ideal product in a corrosive environment, also suitable for civil building facilities. Because of the corrosive liquid, gas exists, causing rapid corrosion of metal in these regions, although take anti-corrosion layer and other measures, but the corrosion of components is still amazing, not only caused the production environment but also affect the safety in production, sometimes have to shut down for maintenance, the use of FRP grid in these regions as a structural material can play a very good effect, it has the advantages of long service life, low cost, safe and reliable, no need of maintenance, and beautiful appearance and a series of advantages. In the Gulf region, the Middle East oilreconstruction work, demonstration by experts, believe that the use of FRP gratings is the most economical and reasonable material.

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