Introduction Of Fiberglass Reinforced Cover


Unicomposite is about to manufacture fiberglass covers for pultruded and molded gratings.

Structure of fiberglass reinforced cover:

Fiberglass cover is made of cross fiberglass roving and resin casting the overall molding, they have below advantages:

1. Glass fiber woven fabric and the resin have full penetration, so that fiberglass gratings are able to reach the maximum degree of corrosion resistance.

2. The overall structure of the cover plate distributes evenly, which will help the grating and the supporting structure installation have the uniform force.

3. The gloss surface finish and italic gate surface make fiberglass gratings have a self-cleaning function.

4. Fiberglass cover surface concave makes it have anti-skid property, and the sandy surfaces will have better antiskid performance.

Properties fiberglass reinforced cover:

Fiberglass cover has properties of flame retardant and rot resistant, strong skid resistance, light weight, easy installation, maintenance free, insulation and other excellent properties compared with steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and alloy steel materials and they are suitable for operating platform, staircase aisle, a cover plate, architectural decoration, such as occasion, in hot and humid easy rust, acid and alkali corrosion and high altitude more than dew in the field more incomparable role.

The service life of fiberglass cover can be up to 20 years. This product is an ideal material for shed, warehouse, and workshop covers.

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