Composite Fiberglass Cross Arms


Cross arm is an angle iron horizontally installed at the top of the pole, with a porcelain bottle on it to support the overhead wires.

Cross arm plays a very important part of the pole towers. It is used to install insulators and fittings to support the wires and lightning conductors and keep them at a safe distance per regulations.

Per the usage, cross arm can be divided into straight cross-arm, corner cross-arm and tensile cross-arm. Per material, it can be divided into iron cross-arm, porcelain cross-arm, synthetic insulated cross-arm and fiberglass cross arm.

Most commonly used FRP cross arm is 76*76*6 square tube, 85*85*6.5mm, 100*100*5mm FRP square tube with corresponding Caps.

Unicomposite is professional manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass structural profilesfiberglass reinforced plastic cross arm is one of our featured products. It is light weight, strong rigidity and absorption of impact energy, corrosion resistance and cost saving etc.

Welcome to contact Unicomposite concerning FRP cross arm for poles.

                                                  Composite Fiberglass Cross ArmsComposite Fiberglass Cross Arms

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