The Importance of FRP Supporting Bar


Compared to bamboo, FRP Supporting Bar material is more advantaged at good tenacity, corrosion resistance, long lifetime and wind or weave resistance, therefore fiberglass upright have become the priority option for laver culture, the mode of using FRP uprights in deep water area is being promoted gradually. The sizes of FRP inserted link and support pole can be customized to produce according to laver culture. Welcome to inquiries from grant clients. The appearance of FRP support pole in deep sea, not only provide a protection for laver culture step into deep sea, but also enlarge the aquaculture area virtually. On the one hand, it increase the income of farmers, on the other hand, it increases the quality of lavers, thus it is trusted by the audience.

                                       The Importance of FRP Supporting Bar The Importance of FRP Supporting Bar

The advantages of fiberglass pultruded poles:

  1. High strength  The tensile load is 150-300Mpa, bend load is 200-300Mpa. The bend load can be remain 78% after accelerated aging by 1000h labors.
  2. Low deformation  The length deforms + .03%, width deforms – .07% after accelerated aging by 1000h labors, thus it can be kept stable in long term to make any shape and dimention using this material.
  3. High temperature in heating deformation  The deformation temperature is 186℃, not melted in high temperature, and not become fragile at -60℃, therefore it guarantees that the FRP poles can be used under any temperatures.
  4. Low water absorption  The water absorption for normal fiberglass products is less than  .5%, but the pultruded tube is  .257%, properly used in moist circumstances.
  5. Corrosion resistance The stiffness of pultruded profiles remains 95% being soaked in 3% HCI aqueous solution for 24 hours, and stiffness remains 89% being soaked in 3% NaCI aqueous solution for 24 hours.

Suit the environment requirements  the production technology comply to government’s related environment protection requirements, which is featured at low noise, high efficiency, low power consumption, slight pollution, etc.

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