Different type of Fiberglass Cable Tray and Application


FRP Cable Trays are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics and flame retardants and other materials, and are pressed by composite mould materials and stainless steel shielding nets.

Because of its low thermal conductivity and the addition of flame retardant, FRP Cable Trunking Trays not only fire resistance and self extinguishing, but also with high corrosion resistance. At the same time, GRP Ladders has the advantages of light structure, aging resistance, safety and reliability, be conveniently used with Metal Cable Tray in strong corrosion environment such as chemical, metallurgical and petroleum etc.
The FRP Cable Ladder Rack is suitable for installation of electric cables with voltage below 10 thousand volts, control cables, lighting wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic cables. indoor and outdoor.
The GRP Trunking System has the features of wide application, high strength, light weight, reasonable structure, low cost, long life, strong anti-corrosion, simple construction, flexible wiring, standard installation and beautiful appearance. It is convenient for technical renovation, cable expansion and maintenance. The installation of FRP Ladder can be adapted to any local conditions.
The GRP Cable Tray is laid with the erection of the process pipeline; the floor and the beam are hoisted; the side wall, the wall of the column, the tunnel and the wall of the cable trench can be installed on the open column or the pier. When the large size multi-story cable is installed, the two sides of I-shaped steel column should be used as symmetrical as possible. BHQ series FRP Cable Trunking can be laid horizontally and vertically, with corners, T and cruciform branches. It can be widen, adjusted and changed.
The Cable Tray is a cable laying device for laying wires, cables, pipe cables to be standardized, serialized and universal.
Basic types of FRP Cable Tray Systems:
  1. Grooved Trunking
A fully enclosed cable bridge is most suitable for the shielding interference of computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other high sensitive systems, and the protection of cable in heavy corrosion environment.

2. Tray Type Trunking

It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, easy installation and so on. It is suitable for the installation of power cables and also for the laying of control cables.

3. Ladder Type Cable Trunking

It is suitable for laying large dimension cables, especially for high and low power cables.

4. Epoxy Composite Cable Trunking

The cable tray should be protected by the cover plate when passing through areas vulnerable to external mechanical damage and open air. When the cable trench or ladder rack is branched, various bending connections can be used.
The bridge frame has developed rapidly in recent years, not only has been serialized, but also developed from common to refractory cable tray, anti corrosion and other varieties, fully meet the needs of any project.
Different type of Fiberglass Cable Tray and Application
Different type of Fiberglass Cable Tray and Application
Different type of Fiberglass Cable Tray and Application
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