Fiberglass Pultruded Windows Price And Roving


As we all know, the fiberglass pultruded window price is 10~20% higher than the standard steel doors and windows, and some company’s product demand is larger than the market supply. Since the 90s of the 20th century, especially in recent years, our country imports through the introduction, digestion, absorption and localization, and gradually built many pultrusions lines of FRP doors and windows products, so fiberglass doors and windows products market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Raw materials quality, especially fiberglass roving of windows is very important.

Alkaline glass fiber roving:
Fiberglass product is composed of a resin matrix and reinforced fiber composite and new composite material, a few years ago, foreign FRP doors and windows profiles used all non-alkali glass fiber as reinforcement, and the most widely used in China were high alkali and c-glass roving, only individual enterprises used E glass fiber reinforcement. Over the past 10 years, the national industrial had the policy to encourage the development of E glass fiber application, and the introduction of a high alkali fiber, which limited the development of the alkali fiber industry. A large number of research results show that in the production process of FRP windows and doors, due to the inconsistency of fiber surface and internal cooling rate, resulting in certain stress, and it is easy to produce some minor cracks in the surface of the fiber. According to the relevant literature, water has erosion effect on glass fiber, the strength of glass fiber in a humid environment is much less than new glass fiber. In other words, the glass fiber in the wet environment, the intensity will gradually decline with the extension of time and accompanied by the occurrence of the phenomenon of alkali and mildew. In fact, in the installation process of pultruded doors and windows, scratches on the surface of the resin layer are not easy to be avoided, then the surface finished will have erosion in outdoor in a long term, which will inevitably lead to variation in fiber and resin, to reduce the fiberglass windows and doors the service life. So it is imperative to strengthen the E glass fiber roving application.

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