Basic Knowledge About FRP and Its Usage


FRP is Plastic Reinforced with Glass Fiber and its fabric, light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, can replace steel to manufacture machine parts and automobiles, ship casings, etc.

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, also known as GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastics, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics(GFRP)) is a fiber reinforced plastic, generally referred to as glass fiber reinforced Unsaturated Polyester, Epoxy Resin and Phenolic Resin matrix.

A reinforced plastic made of glass fiber or its products as a reinforcing material, called glass fiber reinforced plastic, or glass fiber reinforced plastic. Due to the variety of resins used, it is called polyester fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy glass reinforced plastic, and phenolic glass reinforced plastic.

FRP, a composite material, has developed rapidly in the past 50 years. 70% of the glass fiber is used to make FRP. FRP is with a high hardness and much lighter than steel. It is used for fuel FRP Tanks and GFRP Pipes on jet aircraft to reduce the weight of the aircraft. The miniature oxygen cylinders carried by astronauts boarding the moon were also made of fiberglass. FRP is easy to process, never rust or rot, no need for paint. FRP is widely used in China to manufacture various small motor boats, lifeboats, yachts, and automobile industries etc., which saves a lot of steel.

The film industry is used to make props, very convenient and fast, and cost-effective, able to imitate a lot of material effects, very welcomed and popular. The chemical plant also uses Phenolic Resin FRP instead of stainless steel to make various corrosion-resistant equipments, which greatly extends the life of the equipment. FRP is non-magnetic and does not block the passage of electromagnetic waves. A missile radome made of FRP is like wearing a pair of protective glasses for the missile, which does not block the radar’s “line of sight” and protects it too. Today, the FRP Radomes of many missiles and ground-based radar stations are made of FRP.

In the 21st century, due to good wave-transparency of FRP, with the widespread popularity of cell phone communication, FRP is widely used in the manufacture of 2G and 3G FRP Antenna covers, GFRP Radomesetc. FRP with its good formability, nice appearance has played a very good role in the landscaping of the community. The products include square column cover, artificial stone, and landscaping trees in the field, which also are made a great contribution to the improvement of sports. Since the available of sport of pole vaulting, the best record created by athletes using wooden poles is 3.05 meters. Later, bamboo rafts are used to increase the record to 4.77 meters. The advantage of bamboo raft is that it is light and flexible. The shortcoming is that the lower end is thick and the upper end is thin. It is very difficult to improve the record. Therefore, people use aluminum alloy enamel instead of bamboo raft. Although it is light and firm, it is not flexible enough. However, since the emergence of the new FRP Poles, due to its light and flexible, the record has risen rapidly. Today’s pole vault record has exceeded the 6-meter mark.

Today,FRP is also widely used in people’s lives. People call it “FRP” kindly. Because of its special properties, it still retains many glass advantages, such as transparency, so people use it as window glass. It can block the ultraviolet rays in the sun and make the living room brighter. It is also used to make a variety of durable everyday items. Such as bath, kitchen utensils, toiletries and so on.

Basic Knowledge About FRP and Its Usage

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