Properties Of Various Resin Matrix For Pultrusion


Today we’ll talk about properties of various resin matrix for pultrusion process.

Epoxy fiberglass reinforced profiles

The epoxy resin is a kind of commonly used fiberglass resin matrix, its color is very light and semi transparent. It has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and adhesive force strong, and has a certain electrical insulation and alkali resistant ability. The raw material of epoxy resin is light yellow and high viscosity transparent, it has a lot of types and models.

Unsaturated polyester resin

Polyester resin is a kind of common resin matrix for fiberglass products, its color is pale yellow translucent. It has certain corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and higher bond strength strong characteristics, also has certain low-voltage electrical insulation properties. And polyester resin in the curing process of no escape of volatile matter, at normal temperature and pressure molding, curing characteristics of convenient construction. The raw material of polyester resin for light yellow transparent body, the many kinds of it, the commonly used models for 306, 307, 196, 198, 199. Various types of have different corrosion resistance and temperature resistance.

Phenolic resin

Glass fibre reinforced phenolic resin is also a kind of common fiberglass profiles resin matrix, its color is dark brown. It has high corrosion resistance, but not very good mechanical properties, it’s suitable for metal, cement, wood, stone trough in containers affixed lining. The raw material phenolic resin is one of the earliest synthetic resin, there about 60 years of history.

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