We supply machine and production line for FRP. The main types we supplied: Hydraulic & Caterpillar

Both hydraulic and caterpillar types are available.
Pulling force from 1000kg to 50000kg!
Combining advanced machines/moulds with turn-key technology and excellent services.

The basic pultrusion machine consists of the following elements below:

  1. Creel
  2. Resin wet-out tank
  3. Forming dies
  4. Heated matched metal die
  5. Puller or driving mechanism
  6. Cutoff saw

For hollow shapes a mandrel is installed ahead of the resin tank and the mandrel extends through the forming die section.

Pulwound Machines and Tooling
Pulwinding Preformer Design&manufacturing
We can not only supply full set of pulwinding production line, but also service to change your present pultrusion machines into pulwinding lines.

Pullwinding is a further developed version of pultrusion where winders wind fiber in the crosswise direction during the pultrusion process. This gives better performance than other crosswise reinforcement as mats and fabrics.

Pulwinding is a combination of pultrusion and filament winding process. Pulwound products have far higher transverse strength and stiffness than normally pultruded products, with far higher tensile strength than normally filament wound products.

Pulwinding machines are NOT a simply combination of pultrusion and filament winding. The two parts should be integrated as a whole production line. We can not only supply full set pulwinding production line, we also offer service to change your present pultrusion machines into pulwinding lines

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