Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic/Polymer


Carbon fiber composite is a kind of inorganic high-performance fiber with carbon content higher than 90% after a series of heat treatment. It is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. It has the inherent characteristics of carbon material and the soft processability of textile fiber. It is a new generation of reinforced fiber.

Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber mainly composed of carbon elements. Its carbon content varies with different types, generally more than 90%. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of general carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, conductivity, heat conduction and corrosion resistance, but different from general carbon materials, its shape has significant anisotropy, softness and can be processed into various fabrics, showing high strength along the fiber axis direction. CFRP has a small proportion, so it has a high specific strength.

Carbon fiber is a kind of man-made chemical fiber with high carbon content, which is not melted in the process of heat treatment. It is made by heat stable oxidation treatment, carbonization treatment and graphitization.

Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Its specific gravity is less than 1 / 4 of that of steel. The tensile strength of carbon fiber resin composite is generally more than 3500MPa, 7-9 times of that of steel. Its tensile modulus of elasticity is 23000-43000MPa, which is also higher than that of steel. Therefore, the specific strength of CFRP, that is, the ratio of material strength to its density, can reach more than 2000 MPA / (g / cm3), while the specific strength of A3 steel is only about 59 MPA / (g / cm3), and its specific modulus is also higher than that of steel.


  1. High strength (5 times that of steel)
  2. Excellent heat resistance (can withstand high temperature above 2000℃)
  3. Excellent thermal shock resistance
  4. Low thermal expansion coefficient (small deformation)
  5. Small heat capacity (energy saving)
  6. Small specific gravity (1 / 5 of steel)
  7. Excellent corrosion and radiation resistance

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic/Polymer

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