Mechanical winding process of FRP storage tank


At present, the mechanical winding process is generally used to make FRP storage tanks. How does this production process operate? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

This production process is based on high-strength glass fiber of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin as the main material, and the inner layer is made of short-cut fibers by injection molding on the metal mold. The resin content of the surface felt of the inner resin layer can reach 99% %, the resin content of the injection-molded chopped fibers can also reach more than 75%, and the resin content of the inner resin layer directly determines the corrosion resistance of the FRP storage tank.

Mechanical winding process of FRP storage tank

FRP storage tank

After the inner layer of the FRP storage tank is made, the structure layer of the FRP storage tank is directly wound on the winding equipment, usually, 20 to 30 FRP fiber winding yarns are wound in parallel from the inside to the outside, and there are multiple layers of cross winding and hoop winding in the middle. Because the tension and angle of the FRP fiber winding yarn are controlled by the computer, the structure layer of the FRP storage tank wound out is relatively dense, the fiber content is large, it is not easy to delaminate, and the compressive strength is large.

Generally, the strength of the same wall thickness of the glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank made by the mechanical winding method is stronger and more durable than the hand lay-up process. When making glass fiber-reinforced plastic storage tanks by mechanical winding, the following matters should be paid attention to:

  • Pay attention to key matters such as the selection of raw materials, the size of each part, the selection of molds, and the design of layup, and be aware of them.
  • Carefully check the operation of the equipment and whether the working parts are normal, especially check whether the resin-curing agent two-component pump is blocked and whether the ratio between them meets the design requirements; make sure that the lining, winding, trimming, demoulding, and other equipment stable operation and working accuracy.
Mechanical winding process of FRP storage tank

FRP vertical storage tank

The above is an introduction to the mechanical winding process of FRP storage tanks. After reading this article, have you learned anything about the production process of FRP storage tanks? If you are looking for FRP storage tanks, you can contact us directly, Unicomposite is a professional FRP solution manufacturer.

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