In recent years, more and more countries need to replace a large number of wooden power poles which are easy to rot and require higher maintenance costs. Fiberglass reinforced profiles are ideal materials to solve these problems due to their characteristics of corrosion-free, strong, weather-resistant, and long lifespan.  FRP pultruded power poles and cross arms are widely used in utility applications, especially the electricity industry. Unicomposite engages in the manufacturing of prime quality FRP cross arm and power pole includes fiberglass pultruded rectangular, square and round tubes. Our products form the hallmark of the industry in terms of innovation and quality. Further FRP machining process also can be offered at request.

Pultruded Cross Arm & Composite Power Pole Features:

■ Made from high-quality fiberglass.
■ High electrical property.
■ Excellent mechanical strength.
■ Ideal for coastal & hilly areas.
■ Easy & quick installation, time & money-saving.
■ Corrosion resistance.
■ No bridge fault.
■ Prevent birds’ fault.

Main Types of Cross Arm We Supply:

Fiberglass Cross Arm / Composite Power Pole

Light weight load

Fiberglass Cross Arm / Composite Power Pole

Middle weight load

Fiberglass Cross Arm / Composite Power Pole

Heavy weight load