Fiberglass Snow Markers are made to last in any snow, or any weather change.

● Our snow markers are of the highest quality and are great for other purposes such as: driveway markers land and survey marking, walk-way and crowd control, landscaping and more.

● Our snow markers come in variety colors, such as orange, green, blue, etc, although our orange snow stakes are the most popular.

● Available in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths. Make sure to buy the rubber mallet to ensure protection of your fiberglass snow marker.

● The fiberglass snow marker can be solid or hollow.

Features of Fiberglass Snow Markers

Fiberglass Snow Markers are more durable, cost-effective, and easier to install than traditional wooden stakes. Fiberglass snow markers are made from high quality glass fibers and thermosetting resin, and are considered the most versatile marker stakes that are flexible and can rebound if hit.

●  Extreme Flexibility

●  Weather-resistant

●  Plastic protective cap

●  UV resistant, durable

●  High visibility reflective tape

●  Smooth surface and colorful

●  Pointed end for easy installation

Application of Fiberglass Snow Markers

FRP Snow marker plays more and more important role in transportation industry in Northern American, especially in winter because of its excellent features compared to stakes made of other materials. These driveway markers are the absolute premiere product for snow plow contractors in all commercial and residential applications.

Our reflective fiberglass driveway markers are made with the highest quality fiberglass for durability. Snow Stakes can mark stone walls, drainage and other property features. Ultimately Snow Stakes aid in the snow removal process. Unicomposite contractors love the fiberglass snow stakes because of their durability and visibility. Polar Snow Products’ fiberglass plow stakes are bright orange with reflective tape for 360 degree visibility.

Fiberglass Snow Markers

Fiberglass Snow Markers

Fiberglass Snow Markers

Driveway markers with special reflective tape make it is possible when to night, which is innovative design.