FRP floor beams are mainly used in the livestock breeding industry as the supportting beams to livestock grills. When raising pigs, chicken and other poultry, the plastic grills is supported by fiberglass beams, and the poultry active on the grills. After urination and defecation, the plastic grills can be washed with water directly, clean and fast. The beam and grill are very strong with high loading capacity. The installation is also easy and fast, which brings farmers many convenience.

FRP Flooring Beam for Pig Farming

Advantages of FRP floor beams/support beams:

  • High strength, under the same weight, it has higher strength than traditional support beams, especially longitudinal strength;
  • Flame retardant
  • Light weight
  • Simple installation, easy cutting and disassembly
  • Anti-corrosion, resistant to ammonia from the slurry or amino acid in feed.
  • Long service life, which can reach more than 20 years with few maintenance.

The supporting beams are usually designed into triangular and trapezoid shape, which prevents dirt from gathering very well. Application areas of FRP floor beams: papermaking, mobile communications, transportation, sewage treatment, electrical appliances, construction, civil engineering and building materials, corrosion-resistant equipment, garden agriculture, animal husbandry, civil and other fields.FRP Flooring Beam for Pig Farming

Except fiberglass flooring beam, there are other fiberglass products widely used in poultry farms, too. Such as fiberglass gratings, fiberglass tubes, fence, frames.