Pultruded Anode Tube System


The wet electrostatic precipitator is mainly composed of the anode system , the cathode system (corona wire), the high-voltage DC power supply, and the discontinuous flushing system.anode system (precipitation pole)

Anode system of precipitation pole is conductive fiberglass pultruded anode tube, with vertical honeycomb structure, stress state, compact structure, hexagonal structure discharge zone is small. At present, the most advanced technology is the use of CF high – Guide composite material in the glass – steel pull – extrusion equipment traction through a special glass – steel pull extrusion die and become. This material is made of benzene resin as binder, E grade glass fiber and its products as reinforcing material, high carbon fiber composite felt as conductive material and high conductive FRP composite material. It has the characteristics of lightweight, excellent conductive properties of resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance, strong hydrophobicity, etc., indeed of wet type electrostatic precipitator in power plant desulfurization of flue gas, stable operation, effectively remove dust, fog, droplet and aerosol, PM2.5 impurities, the complete elimination of gypsum rain phenomenon.

Operation of wet electrostatic precipitator collection down the droplet in conductive fiberglass pultruded anode tube inner surface film formation, due to the material with strong hydrophobicity, can effectively block dust and gypsum on the precipitation of the great wall of adhesive, by gravity to the lower part of the sump and realize the automatic cleaning, collects the liquid can be returned to the desulfurization tower circulation usage.

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