Fiberglass Boats Maintenance——Part 2


In addition to machines and other equipment routine maintenance, FRP boat maintenance points as follows.

1. Avoid contact with sharp and hard objects. Scratches and other damage will be caused when fiberglass boats friction collision with shore rocks and concrete structures, protective measures should be taken.
2. When we find damaged and repaired boats, we should repair  in time. Check the boat frequently, such as the discovery of resin peeling, scratches deeper, exposing the fiber, must be promptly repaired, or it will accelerate the damage because of the infiltration of water.
3. FRP boats should be ashore when we don’t use them, especially in the winter season. The glass fiber reinforced plastic has a certain water absorption, water can penetrate the interface between the glass fiber and resin gradually penetrate into the internal and make the glass fiber reinforced plastic strength gradually decreased. Especially in winter, the ice cold water infiltration, the seepage channel expansion, greater harm. Therefore, for every boat which is not in use, we should leave the water so that infiltration of water evaporate, and that can gradually restore strength. In this way, the service life of the ship can be prolonged.
4. Don’t put too much water into FRP boats for a long time. If there is water in the boat, it should be ruled out in time. Such as the battery fluid in the medium of acid and alkali on the lifeboat, must promptly rinse with water after cleaning wipe.
5. Avoid long-term exposure in the sun. Long-term exposure to the sunshine won’t be good to the fiberglass boats and will affect the color of gel-coat layer.
6. Clean FRP boats frequently. The boat deck surface should be kept clean. Dirt and other matter contamination of surface area available to ordinary household cleaning agent cleaning, solvent with strong corrosion is not available, nor can decontamination powder, tinsel scrub, so as not to leave a scratch, affecting appearance. If the stains are difficult to remove, we can us  gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and toluene, acetone and other cleaning, but it must be immediately washed with water to prevent the internal structure of the invasion.
7. Waxing and polishing regularly. In order to make the hull looks bright and protect the gel coat on the surface vessels should be regularly waxing and polishing. Material available for the car wax or glass steel special polishing wax, can last two to three times, each time interval of 2 hours, make a tough layer of wax film formation on the surface of the glass steel. It is best to use a portable polishing machine to make the surface bright as new.
8. Painting, keep the fiberglass products beautiful and durable. A new boat with gel coat layer looks beautiful, but after two or three years of use, the color gradually turned pale and dull, dark even more than the light. To maintain the beauty boat appearance, when the surface layer of gel coat color is old, more scratches, paint can be applied to the method.
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