Fiberglass Reinforcement Materials


Fiberglass pultrusion process reinforcing material is glass fiber and its products, such as roving, fiberglass mat. In order to meet the special performance requirements of the products, the available aramid fiber, carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and basalt fiber, etc. The glass fiber used in the process of pultrusion technology mainly has alkali-free, alkali and high strength glass fiber. Varieties of fiberglass products:

The roving and yarn, line density of 1100 (1200) to 4400 (4800). Requirements: into band good; good back solution; tension uniform; linear density uniformity; good penetration.

The short chopped mat required: uniform quality of the area, uniform distribution of C binder, moderate dry felt strength and excellent permeability. The strength of the product is not too high. The effect of the continuous mat is better than the short chopped mat. The requirements of the above. Surface veil modification and acid resistance. The stitched mat is free of binder, good penetration and low price

The tensile strength and bending strength of the products can be increased by the fiber seam woven fabric, and the weight of the products is reduced, the surface of the product is smooth. The lateral and longitudinal strength of the product can be adjusted by the combination of glass fiber reinforced material.

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