How Large for Vehicle Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Market?


Carbon fiber according to different kinds of raw silk can be divided into pan based carbon fibers, rayon based carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber, phenolic resin based carbon fiber. From the current market point of view, PAN based carbon fiber is considered to be the mainstream of carbon fiber market. As the PAN based carbon fiber composite material with high strength, light and other characteristics, so it has more market areas in application .

At present, it mainly used in automotive, aircraft and wind power and other areas of the blade. PAN based carbon fiber composite material (Molding) according to the added resin kinds of different thermosetting resin and thermal plastic resin),it can also divided into carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite material (CFRTP).

In 2014, global carbon fiber composite material market is 941 billion yen (with the current exchange rate conversion about 49 billion yuan, following data are current exchange rate conversion). Expected in 2025, it will reach 25586 billion yen (about 133 billion 300 million yuan).

 In 2014, CFRP market mainly in aerospace and wind power applications, especially in the high cost of aircraft materials accounted for more than half of the market share.

 Predicted that by 2025 it will exceed the static parts and sliding parts, becoming the largest CFRTP application market

 In 2014,  PAN based carbon fiber composites market was 165 billion 300 million yen (about 8 billion 600 million yuan). About 55% of the CFRP are made of PAN based carbon fiber as raw material.

 On the other hand, with the rapid development of LFT-D molding technology (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials online molding technology) in Europe and the United States, the structure of CFRTP is expected to gradually replace the CFRP products.

And at present, the concern of the car with carbon fiber composite materials in 2014 the market sales is 72 billion 300 million yen (3 billion 800 million yuan).

In future, with the use of a large number of carbon fiber composite materials in the aircraft, such as the Boeing B787 and Airbus A350XWB body 50% are used carbon fiber composite material. After 2020, Boeing B777X, as well as the next generation of aircraft air frame increased demand for carbon fiber, the market size of aircraft carbon fiber composite materials will continue to expand.

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