Reflector Lamp Production – BMC Injection Molding

At present, we generally use parabolic reflector lamp and free curved surface reflector, the traditional stamping process has been unable to meet our requirements, so thermosetting plastic BMC injection is usually applied to the production.
Fiberglass BMC as a kind of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester thermosetting composite material, since the late 1950s, it has attracted much attention, and has been developing rapidly, and commonly used thermosetting plastic, BMC molding technology including compression molding, transfer molding and injection into three methods, which injection molding has the advantages of high degree of automation, short molding cycle, work piece surface quality, the molding process of good.
BMC is unsaturated polyester resin, chopped glass fibers, fillers and various additives such as initiating agent, inhibitor, in the release agent (generally do not have a thickening agent) with a fully mixed material group.
BMC in the manufacturing process is divided into two steps. The first step is with high shear mixer for preparing resin, causing agent, pigment, release agent and filler resin paste and above all group divided in the filler should be added first, and other group mixing evenly, then slowly and fill filling agent to evenly dispersed. The second step mixing slurry pour Z shaped cutter feeding machine or planetary mixer mixing machine, and adding short glass fibre, and then mixing 10-15 minutes can be out of the material, material group further extruder crowded into a rope or a small column.
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