Pultrusion Development and Fiberglass Rods


Development tendency of pultrusion process:

A. Section shape of pultrusion products is becoming more and more complicated.

B. Dimension of section is now developing to be especially big or small.

C. Pultrusion process has a greater efficiency now.

Fiberglass optical cable reinforcing core(fiberglass rod) is a kind of fiberglass bar whose diameter is very small. The diameter ranges from 0.5mm to 4.5mm. It gradually takes the place of metal core in the optical cable which makes the optical cable a non-metallic material. It can be used even more widely now.

Main Technology Features of Fiberglass Optical Cable Reinforcing Core(Fiberglass Pultruded Rods):

A. Non-metallic material. It has excellent resistance to electromagnetism. Suitable for electrical power system and areas where there are much thunder and lighting.

B. Compared to metal core, fiberglass reinforcing core has higher tensile strength and it is lighter.

C. Bullet proof and anti-termite.

Pultrusion speed of pultruded rods can reach 2.0~2.5m/min. The product meets all the property requirements. It can replace imported products and save production cost which leads to greater economic and social benefit.

According to the application environment, we choose vinyl resin which is suitable for places where temperature changes a lot from hot and cold. It also has a high tenacity and it is shock resistant.

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