Steel Pultrusion Mold


Cr12MoV steel pultrusion mold is one of the representatives of steel high carbon high chromium steels.

C200%-2.300% and Cr11.00~13.00% with a high amount (mass fraction). It is the steel, so it has a very high permeability, high hardness and wear resistance, small quenching deformation. Because of the superior material properties and high overall hardness, which is suitable for the large section of the section profile production.

The use of external material in the domestic and foreign material used in the deformation of ductile cast iron, the sandwich of pultrusion die use  Cr12MoV make production, die itself more bulky, but its usage is particularly stable, relatively low cost.

Process of pultrusion mold:

Forging parts – rough machining (milling and grinding) – heat treatment (quenching and tempering treatment) — refine process (Numerical control to 0.02mm) –Polish treatment  (Ra=0.25-0.012mm) -Electrical plate and Nitration (Nobelium plating about 0.05, nitration layer reach “0.3-0.5)– Combine the mould (Part line control within 0.02mm) – test mold(which is controlled by the product drawings).

Except make mold production, Unicomposite can also offer related mold trail to make sure mold will be used as well.

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