FRP Pultrusion Pipe/Tube Mold


FRP pultrusion pipe is a common type of circular tube. FRP pipe/tube has the same structural design as glass pipe, and in the process of use, not only the wide range of applications, but also the mold type is not the same. FRP pipe in the process of production, has the higher quality requirements, stronger versatility.

FRP pipe is different from ordinary non rolling aluminum pipe, pultrusion mold design and doesn’t have to take the issue of fully welded into account, under the normal condition, no obvious grain appearance of macroscopic observation, no obvious crack. Under such conditions, the index was 1.5 times higher than that of internal pressure can usually. But for FRP pultrusion round tubes, welded that it is very important, when ordinary mold design can’t meet the requirements, relative to the ordinary mould should be fully welded above work, in the mold design should make full of bridge processing, when in this state, than the ordinary mold has 10-12 mm difference. This for FRP pipe rolling fin with and without cracks after the wings.

Therefore, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe in the mold design, is the need for extra attention, at the same time in the process of production, also need to strict quality inspection, and in the quality qualified rear can put into use.

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