Polyurethane Pultruded Products Application


Pultrusion process for manufacturing composite products has been decades. The resin in pultrusion process traditionally are polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resin. The use of polyurethane resin pultrusion is a newly developed technique.

After several years of development, the polyurethane pultrusion process has been commercialized. In the polyurethane pultrusion process, more glass fibers can be used to make the product strength greatly increase. At the same time, because of polyurethane itself excellent impact strength, tensile strength and shear strength between layers, products can be made thinner and lighter.

Polyurethane pultruded products including profiles, rod and plate, such as the ladder rod, tool handles, cross arm of a wire pole, pole, hockey stick, terminal sheet pile, container plate, etc. The window frame is a new growth point, the use of this resin can be made more and more thin section and strength enough, even for large frame curtain wall. Alleged that the window frame than aluminum, wood and plastic window frames is much better. It has excellent properties of shrinkage and expansion, can tolerate a variety of weather conditions, from the rustic to the heat of the desert and the sea wet. Products can be painted or after processing and the formation of a woody appearance.

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